Eco Frieldy

The line of products of granulated and more concentrated formulations, oriented to the care and protection of crops in order to be respectful with the environment.

FAMA, the contribution of InsuAgro to the Agricultural Good Practices.


Advantages of the Phytosanitary Line

Logistics and Management

  • Easy to manipulate and transport.
  • Less space to store and greater easiness.
  • More quantity of active transported in less volume.
  • The possibility of dermal poisoning is eliminated.


  • The possibility of an involuntary spillage that could reach the ground and contaminate any groundwater table despairs.
  • There are no plastic or can container left useless with the risk of abandonment or contamination.
  • There is no contamination for improper washing of the containers as they are not reusable.
  • Post application handling is eliminated.


  • As they are concentrated and granulated products, the volume to be transported is less, the quantity of product stored in the warehouse is also less, consequently the shipping and storage expenses are less.